Russia is buying millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea to use in Ukraine

New report reveals Russia is buying millions of rockets from North Korea

The war between Russia and Ukraine seem not to end anytime soon, as Putin and his government works with other Western rivals to strengthen their arsenal.

Reports reaching can confirm that Russian Federation is preparing to purchase millions of rockets from North Korea which will be used in Ukraine, a senior United States defense official says.

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NBC report that Russia is having a hard time of resupplying itself, which also reveals the level of bombing of Ukrainian cities by Russia has been on a large scale. Russia is said to have already purchased lots of drones from Iran according to United States officials.

“US officials confirm to NBC News that Russia is in the process of purchasing millions of rockets of artillery shells from North, indicating that Russia is having difficult time resupplying itself forces in Ukraine” Courtney Kube of NBC News reports.

North Korea months ago blamed the United States and the west for the war in Ukraine. Top Iranian official and leader of Catholic faith also blamed NATO for Russia invasion of Ukraine.

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North Korea is said to have benefited heavily from Russia when Korean war broke out in the 1950s. It is said that Russia, then soviet Union was a key benefactor to North Korea.

US Defense Department Press Secretary Brig Gen. Pat Ryder said Russia’s request is “indicative of the situation Russia finds itself”

“It does demonstrate and is indicative of the situation Russia finds itself in terms of logistics and sustainment capabilities as it relates to Ukraine. We assess that things are not going on well on the front for Russia, so the that they are reaching out to North Korea is a sign that they are having some challenges on the sustainment front”

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