Russia made new deal to place tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus – Putin confirmed (Video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that his country has made a new deal to station nuclear weapons in Belarus

Before the war begun, Vladimir Putin said there will be no winners if Russia finally invade Ukraine. Read more: Putin threatens to bomb Ukraine with nuclear weapons, says the “west and NATO are making aggressive statements about Russia” (Watch) Hours ago, Putin revealed his country has struck a new deal with their close ally, Belarus to position “tactical nuclear weapons” in the country.

Vladimir Putin categorically said that Belarus will now have a storage facility for Russian nuclear weapons by July 2023. As we speak, Russian Federation has already moved ten aircraft to Belarus that are capable of carrying nuclear weapons according to reports.

He also revealed the deal will not break any “international commitment on spreading nuclear weapons”.

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According to Putin, the West “teach their crew, their pilots to use this kind of weapons if necessary” he told Russian state media, saying his country also “made a deal that will do the same, without breaking any commitments” he said.

Just last week, the ICC issued an arrest for Vladimir Putin for his alleged war crimes in Ukraine. “We already helped our Belarus colleagues to re-equip their planes. Planes of Belarus Airforce. Ten planes are ready for using this type of weapons. We already transfered ri Belarus our well known and very effective Iskander and it can also be a carrier starting from 3rd April we begin training crews.

Watch video below

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