Russia rejects Brittney Griner’s appeal against her 9year jail term unless US government negotiate a deal

How long has Brittney Griner played Basketball in Russia?

Brittney Griner may just end up serving her 9year jail sentence in Russia

American Basketball star Brittney Griner, who has been charged in Russia for drug possession may end up serving her nine year jail term in the country after a Russian court rejects her appeal.

Brittney Griner was apprehended and charged on drug smuggling, “clearing the way to serve nine years in a penal colony, unless US government can negotiate a deal for her release” The Times reports.

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Brittney Griner was already given a nine year jail term in a panel colony for possessing two cartridges of cannabis oil. Reports that the basketball star has prescription for medical cannabis due to chronic pain but that certainly doesn’t apply in another territory of course, and now, she’s in huge trouble.

On the eve of the hearing in Krasnogorsk, a small town outside Moscow which started on Tuesday, October 25,2022, Griner attorneys in a statement revealed that the Basketball star did not expect “any miracles to happen”

She knows very well that her chances of not ending up in jail as things stand is very slim, especially when there’s “bad blood” between Washington and Moscow amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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