Russia soldiers suffer defeat in Kherson as they announce withdrawal (Video)

Russian commanders

Ukraine continues to gain more of its territories amidst Russia invasion

Ukrainian forces have liberated City of Kherson according to reports. It is said to be one of the largest territories of Ukraine and for that matter the biggest defeat.

Russia defence ministry has ordered troops to leave Kherson for their own safety, Soruvikin and Shoygu announce, saying lives of Russian servicemen were at risk.

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Ukrainian soldiers in the past weeks have been liberating several territories which have been occupied by Russian soldiers. Some of these territories include Izyum, City of Kherson and other territories. Below is a video of locals celebrating their galant soldiers as they continue to fight for them.

Reports say Russian soldiers had no option than to retreat Kherson because Ukraine forces continued to advance towards. “After a comprehensive assessment of the current situation, we suggest taking defence along the left shore of the Dnieper river. Understand this is not a simple decision but at the same time, we will most importantly, preserve the lives of our servicemen”

Sergey Vladimirovych agreed, saying the lives of Russian soldiers are of paramount importance. “I agree with your conclusions and suggestions. For us, the lives of Russian servicemen are always a priority. We must also be taking into account the danger of the civilian population. Ensuring that all civilians preparing to leave are able to do so” he said.

Withdrawal from City of Kherson

The defeat is said to be Russia’s biggest lost since soviet Union.

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