Russia successfully test launch intercontinental balistic missile sarmat

Russia says its has successfully launched its international balistic missile

Russia successfully test launch intercontinental balistic missile sarmat

Russia says it has successfully tested the sarmat intercontinental balistic missile sarmat, President Vladimir Putin announced on Russian television.

The President said the successful launch of the intercontinental balistic missile sarmat “will make the madmen who attempt to threaten Russia think”

Putin said “the missile will provide food for thought for those who try to threaten Russia”

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The balistic missile sarmat has operational range of 18,000km at speed of over 25,000 kilometres per hour.

“Dear comrades, I congratulate you on a successful launch of the sarmat international balistic missile. This is a great momentous event in the deployment of advanced weapon systems in the Russian army. The new complex has the highest tactics and technical characteristics and capable of over coming all modern means of missile defense. It has no analogues in the world and will not have any for a long time to come. The armed forces will reliably ensure Russia’s security from of external threats and will make those who in the heat of the Russian government is trying to threaten our country with rapidly aggressive rethoric” Putin said.

The Russian President earlier said he’s very optimistic Russian soldiers will win the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian officials have estimated that they have killed over 20000 of Russian soldiers so far. Read more: 2500-3000 Ukraine troops have died compared to Russia’s 19000-20000 – Zelensky says

Putin also expressed his gratitude and appreciation for all who contributed to the success of the new balistic missile ‘sarmat’

“I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in the development of the production complex as well”

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