Russia threatens to bomb Zelensky and Ukrainian capital Kyiv in retaliation of warship Moskva sinking

Russia says it will launch more attacks on Kyiv in retaliation of warship Moskva sinking


Russia threatens to bomb Zelensky and Ukrainian capital Kyiv in retaliation of warship Moskva sinking.

Russian state pundits also want Russia to bomb Ukrainian capital Kyiv in retaliation of Black Sea Fleet flagship Moskva sinking.

The state pundits were not happy yesterday when Ukrainian military fired two Neptune missile strikes that completely destroyed their flagship warship Moskva.

Superiority in warfare plays a vital role. And Russia as the second most strongest military in the world Top 10 countries with the strongest military sees itself as a powerful military over Ukraine, and would want to do everything possible to show its power, only for Ukraine to destroy its black sea fleet flagship warship Moskva was big blow to them.

Many war experts have described Russia’s lost of flagship warship Moskva as “very disappointing, embarrassing and disgraceful”

The sinking of the Black Sea Fleet flagship warship Moskva reportedly killed more than 400 crew members:Only 54 crew members of Russian warship Moskva to be rescued out of 500

The Russian state pundits became very furious on live television on hearing the news after Ukrainian soldiers sank it which is considered one of the best in the world.

In a live video shared by Julia Davis, some of the pundits were seen weeping profusely, something many described as “worrisome and cruel”

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Russian soldiers have already started their attacks. This morning, they bombed one of Ukrainian missile manufacturing facilities, destroying some of their military equipments.

Russian Ministry of Defense also say there would be serious retaliation for the sinking of Moskva. They have vowed to step up missile attacks on Ukrainian capital Kyiv, and some other key or monumental areas in the capital.

Mote than ten thousand civilians have died as a result of Russian shelling: Over 10,000 Ukraine civilians dead in Mariupol – Zelensky but the number is said to have doubled according to Ukrainian officials.

Here are Russian losses as of April 15 according to Ukraine military

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