Russia turns Ukrainian children into Spoils of War according to NYT

Russian soldiers during their occupation at Kapytolivka where they used the Z symbol in one of the classrooms they stayed. Picture posted by

The New York Times has reported hours ago that Russian Federation is stealing Ukrainian children and turning them into Spoils of War

According to the New York Times, Russians are “stealing” Ukrainian children and turning them into “Spoils of War”. The report said these Ukrainian children are taking from Ukrainian cities and then send to Russia, where most of them are raised against their will. The war in Ukraine has caused severe damage to humanity across the world but the immediate sufferers are Ukrainians who are forced to flee their homes. Many children have been displaced amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Series of interviews with these Ukrainian children and witnesses reveal how children are bussed and kept in Russian territories before they are finally sent to Russia. One of the children, Anya who is 14 said she “didn’t want to go”. Anya earlier is said to be in Moscow with her foster family. Imagine you being taken from your biological parents who are alive to an unknown destination, just imagine the trauma and psychological effects. And It’s something Russia started since their invasion of Ukraine in February this year.

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Russia had earlier announced that it was going to take in thousands of Ukrainian children to be adopted into Russian homes which will make them become citizens. On live television, Russian propagandists offer them teddy bears as they are portrayed to be abandon Ukrainian children who have been rescued by Russian soldiers.

Anya not her real name have been speaking with New York Times for sometime according to the report and she was able to identify her friends. But at a point her foster parents prevented her from speaking to outsiders. Though she’s being treated well by her foster parents, Anya’s greatest wish is to return to her main home, Ukraine. “My friends and family are not here, I don’t want to” stay.

In April Russian authorities announced the arrival of over 2,000 Ukrainian children.

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