Russia will never forget and forgive America for denying Russian journalists visas – Sergey Lavrov (Video)

Russian foreign minister says his country will never forgive US for the country’s blatant refusal to issue visas to journalists

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov was furious just hours after landing in America, revealing Russian Federation will never forgive US for denying journalists visas.

He arrived in New York for the UN Security Council meeting but unfortunately for him, most of his propaganda journalists were denied visas. Speaking on the matter, Sergey Lavrov emphasized the importance of Russian journalists to be present but they were denied visa, expressing his dissatisfaction.

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Sergey Lavrov said yes of course everyone knows “how famous our American colleagues are for this kind of thing, but I was sure that things will be difficult this time considering the attention that had been drawn to their outrageous behaviour but I was wrong” he said, criticising the US of calling “itself the strongest, smartest, freest, fairest has chickened out. Be sure that we will not forget and we will not forgive”

Several activists and democracy lovers have been pushing for Russia to lose its UN Security Council status after the country invaded Ukraine on February 24th.

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