Russian ambassador to Poland hit with red paint by protesters

Among the protesters were Polish and Ukrainian women. Polish Interior Minister described their action as “understandable”

Russian ambassador to Ukraine Sergey Andreev was struck with red paint by Polish and Ukrainian protesters.

The protesters who are against Ukraine invasion were seen in a viral video pouring red paint on the Russian ambassador.

Sergey Andreev was hit with red paint on Monday May 9, 2022 which is Russian Federation victory parade day.

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A mob of Polish and Ukrainian protesters mostly women surround the Russian ambassador as he led a “delegation to lay flowers at a memorial to Soviet Red Army troops who defeated Nazi Germany in World War II as part of Russia’s May 9 Victor day commemorations” Bloomberg posted.

Sergey Andreev was warned not to proceed to lay the flowers but he refused according to reports.

Polish Interior Minister, Mariusz said that the emotions of Ukrainian women taking part in the anti war protest which the Russian ambassador was splashed with red paint were “understandable” but Foreign Minister of Poland said the actions from the protesters is a “regrettable incident that should not have happened”

Poland is one of the countries in Europe that have campaigned against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Polish people have taken in a greater number of Ukrainians since the war begun. Millions of Ukrainian families fled Kyiv, Bucha, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Irpin and other cities to Poland.

Here is a nine seconds video shared by Disclose TV on twitter

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