Russian couple suggests that Ukrainian POWs be killed and slaughtered (Video)

A very disturbing video of Russian couple has imerged on the Internet

A video of Russian pensioner couple suggesting Ukrainian pows be slaughtered and killed has gone viral on the Internet. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is already causing lots of havoc across the world. Economies are on the brink of collapse, inflation is on the rise, and prices of goods and services are skyrocketing each and everyday.

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On live television the Russian couple emphasized that they need to “f*cking stomp, kill and slaughter the hohols” says the husband. His wife tapped him to alert him they were being recorded by he ignored it. “You shouldn’t, you’re being recorded” she said but he continued, saying “he hates these scumbags, they are fascists. F*cking kill them, they are scumbags” he said.

Minutes before the interview ended, his wife also agreed with him, saying everything his husband said was true because “they are inhumans”

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Russian couple want Ukrainian pows killed

Ukrainian soldiers continue to retake more of their territories. Recent one recaptured was Kherson which is said to be the biggest Russian defeat since soviet Union. As we speak, over 85000 of Russian soldiers have been confirmed dead by Ukrainian authorities.

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