Russian oil refinery got attacked by drones sent by Ukraine ansi

MOSCOW, June 22 (Reuters) – Two drones flying from the direction of Ukraine hit a significant Russian oil refinery close to the border on Wednesday, the plant said, sending a chunk of fire and dark smoke surging out of sight and provoking the plant to suspend production.

Russian oil refinery got attacked by drones sent by Ukraine ansi

Russian regions crossing Ukraine have detailed various assaults and shelling after Moscow sent its soldiers into its previous Soviet neighbor on Feb. 24 for what it calls a “unique military activity.”

The Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery plant in Russia’s Rostov locale said the first drone struck at 8.40 a.m. (0540 GMT) hitting a crude refining unit, setting off an impact and chunk of fire.

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The second strike at 0623 GMT was focused on unrefined petroleum repositories at the treatment facility, the biggest provider of oil items in southern Russia, however caused no fire, the plant said. Nobody was harmed.

Rostov’s regional governor, Vasily Golubev, said the petroleum processing plant suspended activities. He expressed sections of two drones had been found at the processing plant.

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Social media footage disclosed a drone flying towards the refinery plant, found only 8 km (5 miles) from the line with Ukraine, before a huge wad of fire ascended, inciting interjections from those close to the camera.

The refinery plant has a yearly limit of up to 7.5 million tons, and began activities in 2009.

Russia’s energy service said the fire had not impacted fuel and diesel supplies to purchasers in southern Russia.

Russia is likewise researching the reason for an enormous fire that ejected at an oil storage space in the city of Bryansk, 154 km (96 miles) upper east of the boundary with Ukraine, in late April.

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