Russian soldier surrender his tank to Ukrainians for $10,000

Russian soldier gave up his tank for $10,000


A Russian soldier surrender his tank to Ukrainians for $10,000 reports say

News shared by Ukrainian news hub, NEXTA has it that a Russian soldier has given up his tank to Ukrainians for a reward of $10,000.

According to NEXTA, the “Russian soldier did not want to die in a senseless massacre and surrendered his tank to Ukrainians” the news portal posted on twitter.

The Russian soldier who has been identified as Misha will also have the opportunity to become a citizen of Ukraine when the war is over.

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“At the end of the war, he would receive ten thousand dollars and an opportunity to apply for citizenship” NEXTA said.

The story was disclosed by Victor Andrusiv, a Ukrainian military official.

“A Russian soldier gave up his tank for a reward. He could not return home because the commander said he was shooting and writing off the casualties. “Misha” said that there is particularly no chaotic and virtually non-existent command and control, and the demoralization is enormous. Misha received very comfortable conditions. He will also receive $10,000 after the war, and the opportunity to apply for citizenship. Until the end of the war”

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