Russian soldier Shyshimarin jailed for life over war crime

Vadym Shyshimarin becomes the first Russian soldier to face trial in Ukraine for war crimes and jailed for life

The ruling came so quickly just days when the trial of Vadym Shyshimarin began.

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Ukraine puts first Russian soldier on war crimes trial after it was discovered that Vadym Shyshimarin had murdered a Ukrainian. He was convicted for shooting to death a 62year old Oleksandr Shelipov in North Eastern village of Ukraine. Mr. Oleksandr Shelipov was innocently on his bicycle when he met his untimely demise after he witnessed Vadym Shyshimarin stole a vehicle.

The 21year old Russian soldier pleads guilty to killing 62year old Ukrainian civilian but said he was instructed to kill her husband. And asked her to forgive him. Well it is said that in the military “you do before complaine” and looking at Vadym Shyshimarin’s age he must have naively obeyed that command.

Now that he has been brought to justice, don’t you think people who gave those orders should be paying a higher price?. Mawunya is asking. Only time will tell when all these Russian soldiers who committed various crimes in Ukraine are brought to justice. Vadym Shyshimarin’s apology cannot bring Mr. Oleksandr back to her lovely wife.

“Based on the above, the court ruled that Vadym, born on October 2000 was found guilty of committing criminal offense under part2 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and to appoint his punishment to life imprisonment” a video posted on twitter by NPR also confirmed it

Counsel for Vadym Shyshimarin who have been appointed by Ukrainian Court, Victor Ovsyanikov revealed that though his clients case is a heinous crime, it was necessary to protect his human rights to show to the world Ukraine respects human rights of individuals unlike Russia. Let’s show him that Ukraine is “country different to the one he is from” he said.

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“I personally think that it should not be this young man in the dock, but the senior leadership of the other country that I think is guilty of unleashing this war” Victor Ovsyanikov said according to Reuters.

Spokes person for Russian government, Dmitry Peskov revealed Russia is concern about developments and will take all necessary steps in the young soldiers’s interest.

“Of course we are concerned of the fate of our citizen. Unfortunately, we are unable to defend his interest on the ground. This is due to the de facto lack of operations of our institutions in Ukraine. But this does not mean we will stop considering ways to continue our efforts through other channels” Peskov detailed.

Oleksandr Shelipov’s wife who is now a widow last week told news reporters she wanted the killer of her husband to be jailed forever. Now that her wish has been fulfilled, at least Shelipov will not return to life but justice has been done.

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