Russian soldiers caught killing Ukrainian civilians (Video)

Russian occupiers continue to look and kill civilians in Ukraine according to reports

A story uncovered by BBC journalist Sarah Rainsford detailed how Russian soldiers killed two unarmed Ukrainian civilians

According to the footage, Russian soldiers shot Leonid, a gate man and his boss when they broke into their shop to steal. Unfortunately Leonid’s boss died instantly. Leonid who survived multiple gun shots from Russian soldiers also died hours after.

His body was discovered just outside the shop with his belongings. How they shot Leonid and his boss, and they stole their goods were all captured by a CCTV camera.

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Leonid’s friend, Vasyl Podlevskyi who spoke to BBC said he talked to his beloved friend twice that day while he bled to death.

“I said can you at least bandage yourself up?. And he told me, I barely crawled here. Everything hurts so much. I feel really bad. So I told him to hang in there and started phoning the territorial defence” Vasyl told BBC.

“The Russian arrive in a stolen van daubed with the V sign used by Russian forces and the words Tank Spetsnez in black paint. They wear Russian military uniform and approach with their guns up, fingers on their triggers” BBC reporter, Sarah Rainsford detailed.

Investigations are currently ongoing for possible war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine. And this sad case will definitely be looked into. Russian forces are said to have raped innocent children and women in Ukraine and eventually killing them.

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