Russian soldiers open fire at protesters in Slavutych, Ukraine

Russian soldiers open fire at protesters in Slavutych


Russian soldiers open fire at protesters in Ukrainian city SLAVUTYCH in latest video. A very disturbing video of Russian troops shooting at residents of Slavutych has emerged on social.

They have also kidnapped the mayor of Slavutych, Yurii Fomichev according to reports. City Slavutych has been surrounded by Russians.

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while the fight continue, Ukraine soldiers says they are beginning to retake some areas. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian soldiers have suffered “significant losses” since they attacked Ukraine.

Russian soldiers announce yesterday the first phase was over as they advance to other cities including cities around eastern Donbas.

US President Joe Biden who is currently in Poland said Putin’s attack on Ukraine is big blow Ukrainian Europe. The President said the stability of Europe is of great importance to the US. Pesident Zelensky said his troops continue to deliver “powerful blows” on Putin’s forces

For now, the rally organized by residents continue in areas of Slavutych and many other areas.

Another hospital was seized by Russian occupiers. Many have described the situation in Ukraine as war crimes, including Joe Biden.

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