Russian troops capture Ukrainian city of Kherson

Russian troops have reportedly captured the Ukrainian city of Kherson, according to local officials’ confirmation, the first urban center to tumble since Moscow raided one week ago.

According to Gennady Lakhuta, head of the regional administration, spoke through a service Telegram on Wednesday, said:

Russian troops capture Ukrainian city of Kherson

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“The (Russian) occupiers are in all parts of the city and are very dangerous.”

The strategic port of 290,000 individuals near the Black Sea arrived under blockade as Russian troops went on with their horrible attack across other Urban cities.

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Another Ukrainian port, Berdiansk, had been captured by Russian forces and Mariupol has fended off attacks with prominence according to the mayor, Vadim Boichenko.

Also, Russian troops have attacked Ukraine’s second-largest and biggest city Kharkiv, prompting differences to the killings of civilians in Sarajevo in the 1990s.

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After many days of fierce war, hundreds of civilians have been killed, while millions of people have left Ukraine ever since the invasion started, activating avenging Western sanctions planned to disable Russia’s economy.

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