Russians flee Russia as Putin announce mobilisation (Video)

Hundreds of Russians were and are still seen on neighbouring border towns fleeing Russia just hours after President Vladimir Putin’s speech on Wednesday

President Vladimir Putin announced a mobilisation plan yesterday. He has pledged to deploy 300,000 troops to Ukraine in order to continue his “special military operation” in the neighbouring country.

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It’s obvious many Russians are fleeing the country for their lives. They don’t want to be a part of this bloody war that has already killed nearly 60,000 Russian soldiers. They simply don’t want to die. Because when they stay behind, the probability of them going to war is high.

There was a huge traffic yesterday as lots of Russians try to find their ways out of the country.

Below are some videos posted on social media

Russians flee Russia

Russian families will witness their loved ones being taken away from them to fight in Ukraine because of the mobilisation. Here’s a video posted on Twitter by Visegrad where a young boy cries bitterly as his daddy is being taken from him.

Putin pledged to defend every kilometre of Russian territory and its people, even if there is a need to use weapons of mass destruction. Experts say Putin is now very desperate and his words should be taken seriously.

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