Russians make mockery of Vladimir Putin in live videos

Russians mock Putin in new videos (Watch)

Russians make mockery of President Vladimir Putin in live videos caught on camera

Russians make mockery of President Vladimir Putin for ordering Ukraine invasion. They are certainly not happy with their President who has been in power for over two decades. Putin has tasted power for quite a long time from 2001. Read more Vladimir Putin: 10 facts about him you may not know

A video of Russians making mockery of the President has emerged on social media. In the videos, many Russians condemn his decisions to invade Ukraine.

A prankster decided to play a prank on some Russians who were entering their homes. He displayed a huge portrait of Vladimir Putin right on the elevator. The reactions from most of the residents were very humorous.

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The first resident who entered the elevator decided to return after saying the authorities are insane. There were similar reactions from other residents who entered the elevator as well.

“What the f**k, they’ve gone f**king insane”

“Oh what the f**k, some as* hole put it up. I know there’s in his eyes, he’s surveilling us”

“This is horrible, my God. What kind of person would put this here?. This is a nightmare”

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