Rwanda honour Ghanaian Generals for the roles they played during the 1994 Rwanda Genocide

Ghanaian Generals played significant roles in the 1994 Rwandan genocide that took several lives

Two retired Ghanaian Generals, General Henry Anyidoho and General Joseph Adinkra on July 4th in Kigali recieved recognition awards for specific roles they played during the 1994 Rwandan genocide

Major General Henry Anyidoho was serving as the United Nations Deputy Force Commander while General Joseph Adinkra was the commanding officer of the Ghanaian battalion in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Rwanda.

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General Anyidoho who expressed his appreciation to the Rwandan government narrates briefly how they helped Rwanda. “At a time when the UN in New York was contemplating the decision to close down its mission in Rwanda, in view of the deteriorating security situation, I said to myself as an African General playing a role in the mission, we cannot turn our backs on Rwanda” he said, mobilizing Ghanaian troops from Accra to save more lives in Rwanda.

“I am privileged to recieved this medal on behalf of the officers and troops who stood behind me to ensure that together we could made humble contributions to assuring peace was retained in Rwanda. I dedicate this medal to the heroes who paid the ultimate price and to those who bore the scars of sharpened wounds in their bodies”

President of Rwanda Paul Kagame who was also a soldier then recounted how the Ghanaian military saved many lives in very difficult circumstances. “The Ghanaian battalion saved countless lives under the most difficult circumstances and there is no soldier involved who does not carry invisible wounds in his heart to this day. Where others fled or were withdrawn by their governments leaving Rwandans to their fate, these officers remained and continued to lead their men and women and did what was right to do” Paul Kagame said.

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