Rwanda launch Public Bike Sharing Transport System

● Rwanda launch Public Bike Sharing Transport System

● The Public Bike Sharing Transport System is an easy way of moving in the city of Kigali

● This initiative will help curb traffic in Rwanda capital, Kigali

Rwanda has launched a Public Bike Sharing Transport System in its Capital, Kigali.

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City residents and visitors will only need to download the app, pay a small fee via mobile pay and get and unique code to unlock a bike from 12 docking stations in different spots across Kigali.

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The bike lanes will be extended to other urban areas of the country. This is part of the country’s vision to fully establish smart green e-mobility networks by the end of 2030 and beyond.

Many social media users have lauded the initiative. Some have asked their leaders to emulate this step to implement it in their countries. The east African country is fast developing. It is one of the most industrious nations in Africa.

It is also one of the best tourism destinations in Africa.


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