Sabinus sues Peak Milk for $2.4million

Sabinus is the fastest rising comedian in Nigeria 🇳🇬 at a moment. His skits are watched globally by his fans

Nigerian comedian Mr. Funny popularly known as Sabinus has sued Peak Milk for $2.4billion.

Sabinus also sued Gala $240,000 for using his picture for an advert to promote their brand.

While many Nigerians argue “something hooge” is being used all over the place and Sabinus does not have any copyright for these claims, some say he still has a case.

There have been a lot of social media users who have used Sabinus’s image online. Some have used it for their profile pictures while other use it for memes in their posts. But all these are done without any financial motives.

According to Sabinus’s attorney, Peak Milk and Gala used their clients “something hooge” and image respectively for their financial gains. They argue that, these firms directed so much traffic to their businesses from using “something hooge” tag and Sabinus’s image without his consent.

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The post gathered massive traffic and engagements and attracted huge fellowship to your page which only happened because of the picture of our client was used for the promotion and advert” the statement from his lawyer reads.

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