Sadio Mane as a devoted Muslim refused to hold a glass of beer in Bayern Munich traditional photoshoot

Sadio Mane upheld his religious values at his new German club Bayern Munich

Senegalese star Sadio Mane continues to be a pacesetter to his people, every Muslim youth and to the world. He chose not to hold a beer glass during a Bayern Munich traditional photoshoot

In pictures, Sadio Mane and Noussair Mazraoui were seen not holding a glass of beer while their colleague players are seen happily holding a glass of beer. The picture has since gone viral and social media users are talking about it. While some believe both players did the right thing, others hold a contrary view.

It a religious belief for a Muslim not to drink any form of alcoholic beverage.

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Here are some reactions on twitter

“He is doing too much for a Muslim. Does holding the beer means drinking it. For me it doesn’t so I don’t see why he would not join others” @_onyebuchii

“It’s how Muslims respect their God and faith than we Christians. We always do like to compromise our faith and do things that God doesn’t like” @Israelferg

“What is the problem with just holding it for a photo?” @Citehside

“And Bayern Munich accepted it, got love for this club” @reinhardfix3

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