Sadio Mane believe African players are unfairly overlooked from Ballon d’Or award

Sadio Mane thinks its time for an African player to win the Ballon d’Or award

Senegalese international and Liverpool forward Sadio Mane is not happy no African player won the Ballon d’Or since 1995. After George Weah, no African player has ever won the prestigious award.

Sadio Mane who has been very instrumental in the Senegalese team when they won the Afcon2021 trophy agree African players are unfairly overlooked.

In an interview with Daily Mail’s Dominic King, the African best player said African player winning the Ballon d’Or since 1995 is a bad omen, and he feels sad about it.

Sadio Mane has been outstanding in all competitions in 2022 and stand tall as the player who can win the Ballon d’Or.

Other names emerging include Mo Salah and Benzema. But Sadio Mane won an international trophy which is a big plus and gives him the upperhand.

Sadio Mane sends Senegal to Afcon2021 finals (Video) and eventually helped Senegal to win their ever first Afcon trophy. So why did he say African players are unfairly overlooked from the award?.

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“it’s true, if you guys say it. What can I say myself. Which is sad” Sadio said, revealing the African Cup is one of his biggest he’s won in his life.

“This Cup, the African Cup of Nations is one of the biggest for myself, it is the biggest trophy I have won in my life. For an African player not to have won the Ballon d’Or since George Weah is sad for sure. Winning the champions league is special. I have a chance ro play it again and we have a chance to win it as we have a strong team”

Liverpool lost this season’s Premier league title to Manchester City and they can’t afford lose the champions league trophy to Real Madrid. Winning the UCL will he a big win for Sadio Mane as well as the Senegalese international is aiming to win the Ballon d’Or to make history since 1995.

The champions league final was scheduled to be played in Russia’s St Petersburg but have been rescheduled to France, Paris due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. More:Champions League final has been moved from St Petersburg to Paris

Both teams have already arrived in Paris for the big occasion

With his achievements this year, he believe can pick the Ballon d’Or award if Liverpool wins to champoins league but he’ll also congratulate anyone who wins it other than him.

“If we can sort it so that Karim Benzema gets the Ballon d’Or but yet you get the champoins league trophy, what will you say? Jamie Carragher asked.

“I will shake hands on that right now” he told him

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