Sadio Mane Eats Mango With Locals Instead of Spending His Vac in Dubai

Sadio Mane spends time with his community men instead of going to Dubai for vacation. The Liverpool forward is an active Patriot in his country, Senegal and has contributed a lot to the development of his community.

Lately, he commissioned a hospital that cost over £300,000. This is the first ever hospital built in his community. Sadio Mane has shown a greater love to his community than any African player.

Sadio Mane has done what is rarely done by African players. Most African players spend their vacation abroad, sailing in yachts and living luxurious lifestyle.

On the other hand, the 29-year-old was seen eating mango with his community men during this period of vacation.

Mr. Mane is one of the players who have their communities at heart and he is contributing to the development of the community.

A lot of people have applauded the social responsibility that was implemented by the Liverpool forward. After all, lives will be saved in that newly built hospital.

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