Sadio Mane helps Senegal to win it’s first Afcon trophy

Sadio Mane wins Afcon title for Senegal

Sadio Mane helps Senegal to win first ever Afcon trophy

Senegal has finally won her very first Africa Cup of Nations title. Sadio Mane helps the West African country to lift it’s first trophy.

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Senegal won a penalty just five minutes into the game after an Egypt defender faulted but Sadio missed it. Gabaski rose to the occasion and quickly grabbed it.

It was a very heated match but Senegal had the upper hand throughout 90 minutes of play. Both sides couldn’t score a goal. A penalty was played after extra time which gave Senegal a win. Both keepers of the sides, Gabaski and Mendy catched one each but one Egyptian player missed, making it a 4-2 shootout.

Though he couldn’t score that penalty from the beginning of the match, he didn’t let this opportunity pass by. He wanted to redeem himself, which he perfectly did. Once again, he showed up when Senegal needed him the most.

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watch Sadio Mane’s penalty here

A video of Sadio Mane’s goal posted by sky sports

There have been arguments before the match Liverpool in Afcon2021: Sadio Mane and Mo Salah clash at Afcon finals as to who was going to lift the trophy between Sadio Mane and Mo. Well that is clear now.

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