I don’t see myself better than anyone – Sadio Mane

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The Senegalese international Sadio Mane aside football is also a great philanthropist. He has made countless donations to his village people and the people of Senegal in general

Years ago in an interview, Senegalese Striker, Sadio Mane disclosed how he sees everyone equal and would always want everyone to enjoy or have a feel of life just like another fellow man.

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According to him, he doesn’t see himself better than anyone and that all he loves to do is to do his job.

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“I don’t see myself better than anyone. I just go there and do my job well” he said, revealing how he is always about the next meal of his people.

“I am constantly worried about the next meal for the people of my village in Senegal. This is why I have to always be at my best in the pitch to not lose my place. Because I might also lose my contract in the club and my village People goes hungry. The Ballon d’Or is not in my mind at all, because by winning it, it doesn’t make the hungry full”

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Although the Senegalese Striker has scored four goals in four matches for Bayern Munich. While his former club Liverpool hasn’t made any successful win this season, fans are saying he carried the club all along.

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