Sadio Mane scored a goal with his hand and quickly alerted the referee to cancel it

Sadio won’t stop to amaze his fans as he continue to make them and the people of Senegal very proud

Sadio Mane scored a goal before he later scored two goals for Bayern Munich in their recent game but that very goal was ruled out because he actually scored it with his hand

The Senegalese striker was captured pointing his hands towards the linesman to inform him he had faulted. He alerted the linesman and the referee before VAR intervened.

He scored a brace in that game, making it his fourth goal in four matches.

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How he called the attention of the referee alone shows it was not intentionally done, and he reported himself quickly before VAR even noticed, only tells how he obey rules of the game.

His action is just another prove of his fair play and a man of integrity.

Here are some reactions on twitter

“Easy to confess when you’re winning 7-0 every week” @AndrewJason89

“I never think he would become a farmer” @Noure004

“The football World doesn’t deserve Sadio Mane” @NomaSapienTR

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