Sadio Mane was Liverpool’s best but fans preferred Mo Salah because of his colour – netizens

The argument about Sadio Mane and Mo Salah continues, especially when they played three matches this season without a win

Liverpool suffered a 2-1 defeat at home to Manchester United after Sacho and Rashford scored two goals, putting them in front ahead of Liverpool. Mo Salah who happens to be the eye of the club could not save them though he managed to score a late goal.

Many rival fans believe Sadio Mane has been the one carrying the club all along instead of Mo Salah, and letting him leave was the biggest mistake they did.

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“popular opinion: Sadio Mane was Liverpool’s best player but Liverpool fans preferred Salah cause of his colour” a fervent Barcelona fan @viewsdey posted.

His statement has since generated a public conversation and lots of arguments surrounding Sadio Mane and Mo Salah.

Salah renewed his contract at Liverpool before the start of the season. Mane however left to Bayern Munich where he’s already scored goals in four games.

Here are some reactions from both Liverpool fans and rival fans of the club.

“Liverpool disrespecting Mane with that useless contract will affect them this season” @Mr_ceyram

“Liverpool is clearly finished. Sadio Mane is a fearsome figure in their lineup. They lost him and the entire team is lost” @stvrdenzel

Mo Salah in an interview revealed Sadio Mane was a top player at Liverpool and there was no rivalry between them

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