Samuel Eto’o with his family in Kenya Malindi

Eto’o was in Malindi over the weekend with his family

Samuel Eto’o with his family in Kenyan town Malindi

Cameroon football star and African icon, Samuel Eto’o posted a beautiful picture of him and his family hours ago from Kenyan town Malindi.

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The President of Cameroonian Football posted a beautiful picture with his family in Kenya Malindi over the weekend. His post has since gone viral as fans applaud him for showcasing the beautiful landscape of Malindi.

Malindi is a town in Kenya which is positioned on the Malindi Bay in Southeastern Kenya. It sits amidst beautiful tropical beaches dotted with resorts and hotels which attracts tourists every year.

There is also the Malindi Marine National Park, Watamu Marine National park which are home for colourful fish and turtles as well

Though Eto’o did not disclose the purpose of his short trip with his family in Kenya Malindi, many believe he went on vacation with his lovely family

“Thank you Malindi, family love” Samuel Eto’o posted on social media.

Samuel Eto’o was charged by a Spanish court after the court declared him as father of a 22year old lady. Read more: Eto’o declared father of 22year old Spanish lady, ordered to pay her monthly pension of €1400

Here are some reactions on social media of his visit to the Kenyan town Malindi

“Beautiful family, there is God in it. This is great and your followers should understand it; be a better husband, a better father and a better protector for his wife, for his children. This is the first and foremost mission of every man” Yannick Yana

“Have a nice stay sir. Nice family javeva good time yourself. You deserve it” Veronique Njiya

“Very nice picture of a happy family” Julie

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