Schools have reopen across Afghanistan but there’s curtain separating men from women as Taliban new law takes effect

Shools have reopen in Afghanistan amidst covid-19 but the interesting thing that there is a curtain in these schools, separating men from women.

The separation has generated a huge public discourse as many fear sharia law has began but this time, in its newest form. The students are separated by a curtain under new classroom regulations Avicenna, Kabul in Afghanistan. The picture was captured by Reuters on social media.

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Do not interfere with how Afghan women dress, you should not be changing our culture, as we don’t change yours – Taliban warn America

Western countries and other international bodies have said that the recognition of Taliban will solely depend on how its able to rule Afghans. And most of these foreign power continue to watch very closely. Taliban banned girls from entering the University and women from university work. Read on sharia law Here’s something brief about shariah law & it’s effect on Afghan women

Taliban stops women from working in Afghanistan, ordered families to give in their daughters to be married to fighters

Taliban has assured international community that it will respect the rights of women under their new regime but this would be in accordance Islamic law so it is still unclear what the future holds for Afghan women.

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