Senegal launch $1.3 billion interstates express train (Watch)

Senegal launch $1.3 billion interstates express train

Government of Senegal said the project cost approximately 1.3 billion United States dollars

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Senegal launches its first regional trains hours ago. The trains made their first journey after they were launched.

They made their first journey between the city of Darkar. They also passed through Diaminiado.

The trains are expected to carry 115,000 people per day. The project was built and financed by French Engie Ineo-Thales Consortium.

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It took five years for the French company to complete the project. They’re expected to cut down commuting times and help decongest Darkar. The electric system has 14 stations along its 55km route.

“This is obviously a very complex project that was completed in a very short time. I know that in Darkar there I often controversy but this is not the case. We’re almost breaking world records in terms of construction, in terms of completion of this project” one engineer of the project told news outlets.

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Some citizens and opposition have criticized the government on the cost of the project. They’re alleging that the project is more than the amount the government puts before the public.

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