Sergey Lavrov says Moldova could also face Russian aggression because the President is not democratically elected (Video)

February 24th 2023 marks exactly a year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has said Moldova is likely to face the same fate as Ukraine. A video shared on twitter by Ukrainian news outlet Nexta TV suggests the foreign minister saying that “now Moldova is” also being considered for this role”.

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The West and its allies have already raised fears of Russian Federation invading other neighboring countries if it succeeds in its “Special Operation” in Ukraine. While the battle continues in Ukraine, President Zelensky emphasized the possibility of his country joining NATO after Russia’s defeat. Finland and Sweden have already filed to join the alliance.

“Now Moldova is being considered for this role. First of all because they were able to put a President at the head of the country, using methods that are far from democratic. A President who is simply eager to join NATO, has Romanian citizenship is ready to unify with Romania and in general is ready for practically anything” he said.

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