Sergio Aguero says Lampard was best amongst Gerrard and Scholes

Sergio Aguero says Lampard was the best CB

Sergio Aguero says Lampard was best amongst Gerrard and Scholes

It seems the long debate is now over after one of the best strikers to ever play Premier league adds his voice to who the best centre back was amongst Lampard, Gerrard and Scholes.

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A fan asked him a question who the best player was between Lampard, Gerrard and Scholes. His response got everyone talking because it was very swift. He didn’t hesitate but quickly replied “Lampard”.

Sergio Aguero and Lampard played together for a season at Manchester City before he exited the club to New York City FC.

Speaking on Sergio Aguero’s capabilities sometime ago, Frank Lampard said he is world class. Frank revealed he didn’t play at Manchester City for long but he saw it all. At least he knew Sergio was a top striker.

“I was not at man City for long but straight away you could see that this guy (Aguero) was top class. The goals he scored on the training pitch everyday were frightening and he took that on to the field”

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Many people are of the view that, Lampard and Aguero played together before so he’s being bias but the debate still continues

“who do you think was the best: Gerrard, Lampard or Scholes?”

A fervent fan asked. And his answer was “‘Lampard”

Gerrard couldn’t win the Premier league with Liverpool but was very instrumental in their champions league title in 2005 when he was captain.

Lampard ended as a Chelsea hero. He won three premier league titles and champoins league title with Chelsea.

And Scholes was equally a top player. Sergio recently retired from active football after his doctor advice him on his health

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