Shatta wale busted for Posting dollars on social media claiming ownership

Ghanaian self acclaimed dancehall artiste Shatta wale has been busted for posting dollars on social media claiming to be his own. The artiste posted the world’s most powerful currency, posted by lots of people months and even years ago.

He posted it with the caption “since you haters can’t sleep, count my money for me, I am going to bed” he posted

Another post from one social media user dated February 01. 2021on Twitter also posted same money, celebrating how his hustle has paid off, with the caption “in love with the grind”

Months ago an article was published on one particular website with that same money explaining how airplane pilot was caught with nearly a million dollar in his briefcase.

Now here’s the thing, same money posted by several accounts months or even days ago makes Shatta wale’s posting fake and misleading since he’s claiming ownership.

Ghanaians including his fans are not taking things lightly with their dancehall king. We’re following this closely and we shall keep you informed

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