Shatta Wale seen kissing his security guard (video)

A viral video has caused a lot of commotion on the internet that reveals the moment Ghanaian singer, Shatta Wale gives a passionate kiss to his bodyguard as a way of showing love to him after reportedly gifting him one of his diamond neck chains.

Shatta Wale seen kissing his security guard (video)

In the viral video, the Ghanaian singer, Shatta Wale who had a collaboration with American singer, Beyonce is spotted thanking his security Kumoji.

Shatta Wale said;

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“I love you mhen… you kept your word,” Shatta Wale said as he arrange his diamond neck chain around Kumoji’s neck.

“God is good. I received it,” Kumoji replied as the diamond neck chain was positioned around his neck.

Afterwards, the singer gave a passionate kiss on Kumoji’s mouth.

Watch video below;

This has generated a lot of reactions from social media users especially Ghanaians people with many of them contending on how reasonable Shatta Wale’s manner of showing gratitude is.

enkaynky: Did he just kiss him on the lips!🙈

abifola_ : He been kiss am abi my eyes dey pain me? 😂😂😂

benbills007: Why kiss a man tho,smh..This guy steady pulling up nonsense,all in the name to relevant on SM

arab.ego: Even Judas sold Jesus with a kiss, why are you people talking about the kiss, but me sef no understand the kiss shaa

hey_buka: Wait a min, shey na eyes dey pain me😮

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