Shops are empty, live goats, variety of animals are stolen as looting continues in South Africa (video)

In a video, people are seen looting live goats and other variety of animals. Chaos broke out in South Africa especially yesterday July 12 after President Jacob Zuma was arrested for contempt.

Supporters of the former President took to the streets to protest, destroying properties to raise concerns of Mr. Zuma’s arrest and therefore demanding his release. But hours after the protests, hoodlums joined to even cause more damage. What seemed to be a violent protest even became more intense when citizens when to shops to loot and to destroy properties.

Citizens holding live ammunitions broke into shops to pick whatever they were craving for. Lots of things were stolen right from beverages, televisions to the extent of looting live goats and other variety of animals

Click link to watch video below

Many south Africans and the world at large are dumbfounded as they’re very surprised to latest happenings in South Africa. President Cyril Ramaphosa has deployed the military to help quell tensions as we speak. Stay with us as we bring you live updates

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