SHS Girl Forces Boy to Have S£X With Her Publicly

The world has grown from bad to worse. This current generation of children are entirely corrupt and full with insane behaviors.

In a video circulating across social media, a young SHS girl was caught on camera forcing a lad to have sex with her publicly.

The lad denied the request but the girl insisted. She tried and tried but the boy refused and fled. The young girl even tried stripping the boy.

In a video the girl said, “let us have s€x. Let us do it. Cum in me.”

It is shocking to see a young girl of such caliber to utter such words. The boy and girl were surrounded by other people who were spectating to the activity.

This current generation of children are madly in love with bad things. Things that were seen as abominable are now seen normally.

However, these are the kids benefitting from the free senior high school. That begs the question, what do they learn at all in school?

Students are allowed to use phones in SHS and they use it publicly forgetting that there are consequences to that action.

This is not the first time seeing such a corruptible video and this will not be the last too. Parents should start paying maximum attention to their kids.

Watch video here below.

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