Soldier shoots motorcyclist at East Legon, Accra, Ghana

According to JoyNews, a motorcyclist has been shot by one soldier in a moving pick up vehicle. The incident happened on Friday, July 23. Its yet to be known whether the military pick up was providing protection to the bullion van.

An eyewitness who witnessed the incident narrated the story of the shooting. According to the eyewitness the soldier never stopped after the shooting the cyclist but continued to drive behind the bullion van.

“I saw a bullion van coming, and behind it was a military pick up. It had a couple of officers at the back. Few seconds later, I saw a biker behind me and he rode and came next to me, trying to give way to the bullion van and all I heard was a gunshot. A soldier behind the pick up truck shot the biker. They never stopped and drove off. As to what the soldier saw before he shot, I don’t know” the eyewitness narrates.

The cyclist sustained gunshot wounds on the hand and was rushed to Bloom Medical Centre for treatment. According to him, he didn’t really know what he did wrong.

“I don’t know what I did wrong at that point, I didn’t block them” he said

Months ago, a young police officer was killed by armed robbers including an onlooker when the young officer was on duty, in a bullion van to deliver cash to an unknown bank. The tragic incident led to public uproar, making authorities to request the services of the military to escort bullion Vans.

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