Stay away from Brics summit or get arrested – South Africa government to Putin

The hit is on as South Africa government warns Putin to stay away from attending Brics summit which is just few months away

South Africa government have warned Kremlin of Vladimir Putin’s visit in August. President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is expected to attend Brics summit which will come off in August.

The ANC government had initially announced that it was withdrawing from the ICC to pave way for Putin to attend the summit. Brics consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The International Criminal Court weeks ago issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for committing crimes against humanity in Ukraine. Read more:International Criminal Court issue arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes

The sudden u-turn of the government on it’s decision surprised many as the country is yet to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Julius Malema in an encounter with BBC network said South Africa is solidly behind Russia. Malema who is a parliamentarian and founder and leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters is seeking to become president. Watch video:We are with Russia, we make no apology about our association with Russians – EFF leader Julius Malema (Video)

According to a publication by The Sunday Times “the South African government asked Putin to stay away from the upcoming Brics summit”. Authorities said though they “have no option to arrest Putin, if he comes to South Africa, they will be forced to arrest him” one government official told The news agency.

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