(Video) It is better to stay in Africa, Europe & West is full of struggle. No life here – Man advice African youths

It is better to stay in Africa, Europe and West is full of struggle. There is no life here – a Ghanaian living in the United Kingdom advice African youths to stay home instead of travelling for greener pastures

According him, life is Europe is full of work. “You come back from work very late and wake up very early. There is no life here, its only work all day. No place to have fun and to feel relaxed unless someone invites you to a party or dinner” he stated

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He continued “for me I’m planning to settle in Ghana, yes to finally settle in Ghana because you work very hard and by the time you realise, you’re dead and gone and you can’t even enjoy the little money you have” he told the interviewer”

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“So this is how I would advise the young folks, this place is good, compared to home where you don’t get jobs. If you’re lazy you can’t stay here because you have to work all the time. But if you already have a job in Ghana or anywhere in Africa and your salary is good, you better stay there and have a great life” he emphasized

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