Stockton serial killings: suspected serial killer,Wesley Brownlee hunt down while on his way to kill another victim

Person of interest Wesley Brownlee

Police hunt down a serial killer who was on his way to kill his 6th victim in Stockton

The suspected serial killer involved in Stockton serial killings was apprehended over the weekend according to the Police Department.

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The 43year old person of interest, Wesley Brownlee who happens to be an old Stockton resident was picked up by the police early Saturday morning while driving in town. The police had earlier placed a $125,000 bounty on Wesley Brownlee for anyone who will help them with credible information which will eventually lead to his arrest. The video was released October 4, 2022.

watch footage below

Stockton serial killings

Chief McFadden who released the video said the Department is very sure Wesley Brownlee was on his way to kill another person but luckily, they stopped that from happening.

“His patterns were consistent with some of the patterns that we had seen, around parks, around dark places, stopping, looking around, moving again. He was on a mission to kill. He was out hunting. As officers made contact with him, he was wearing dark clothing and a mask around his neck. He was also armed with a firearm when he was taken into custody. We are sure we stopped another killing” he said.

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