Strange alien skulls found in Africa

Wow! Strange alien skulls found in Africa and people are curious about the strange strange alien skulls found in Africa.

Strange alien skulls found in Africa

Humans think that we are the only intelligent species that have ever existed on this planet.

A very recent discovery appears to be in conflict with this.

This find appears to be connected to the recently discovered mummies in Peru. It may serve as the conclusive evidence for alien life.

Recently, an exceptionally peculiar skull was found in Africa. He was interred quite deeply.

The skull’s form resembles that of an intelligent entity. However, this prehistoric skull is not at all like a human skull.

The finding of this prehistoric skull has generated a heated debate among experts. This ancient skull apparently underwent carbon dating, which determined that it was 14 million years old.

The human species did not even exist on our planet 14 million years ago. If everything is as claimed, then we have found the first concrete proof of extraterrestrial life.

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The researchers also found evidence of iridium in this skull after a battery of intricate testing. Meteorites from space are commonly discovered to contain iridium.

According to skeptics, the skull is only misshapen, and carbon dating is not precise.

But I think further research has to be done on this skull because it could contain evidence of extraterrestrial life.

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