Symptoms of Omicron virus, remedies and ways to prevent it

Symptoms of Omicron virus, its remedies amd ways to prevent it

covid-19 has looked many economies across the world, including super powers like America, Russia, China and the United Kingdom

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The Omicron variant is is spreading like hell fire just when the delta variant of covid-19 was dying off. Nations are beginning to place a temporal travel ban as a measure to curb the virus from spreading more. Israel issued a temporal travel ban on all nations hours ago. Read more The United States and the United Kingdom also banned some Southern African countries weeks ago.

Who says the Omicron variant is even likely to spread more during the festive season and there would be more Infections.

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Some of the symptoms are headache, the patient developing runny nose, mild fever which may get worse if not treated and fatigue, are all symptoms.

Here’s how the Omicron variant has differences from original covid-19.

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  1. First step to stay home if you can. Isolate yourself from going to parties this festive season if you can.
  2. Make sure you mask up always when you step out
  3. Regularly check your covid-19 or Omicron variant status so you are updated. This will help you make decisions on your health
  4. of ccourse you have to continue using WHO covid-19 protocols eg. washing of hands on regular basis, and use your sanitizer always
  5. Eat healthy. You have to eat very healthy in this trying times. Do not eat just any form of food but eat properly. Make sure your food is balanced with some vegetables and fruits
  6. Get vaccinated, and if you’re already vaccinated, get a booster.


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