Taliban are lying, France won’t recognize Taliban gov’t in Afghanistan – French Foreign Minister

The Taliban are lying, France won’t recognize Taliban government in Afghanistan – French Foreign Minister reveals.

French Foreign Minister, Jean Yves Le Drian said on Saturday that ‘the Taliban are lying’ and France is not ready to have any relationship with the newly formed interim government. The Foreign Minister said on France 5 TV according to Reuters.

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Taliban is violent & intimidating journalists, forcing media people to push their ‘propaganda’ – reports

Reports say Taliban have executed Rohullah Azizi, brother of Amrullah Saleh

“France refuses to recognize or have any type of relationship with this government. We want actions from the Taliban and they will need some economic breathing space and international relations, its up to them. They said they would let let foreigners and Afghans leave freely and talked of an inclusive and representative government but they are lying” he noted.

General Secretary of United Nations Antonio Guterres said there will be massive humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan going forward and the world must come together to help Afghans. Read more here (Video) Afghanistan faces a looming humanitarian catastrophe – UN Secretary General to hold a ‘high level’ conference

While Frnace frantically revealed it had no business to do with the Taliban, President Putin of Russia said the country’s embassy was still opened in Kabul days after Taliban seized power. Read here (Video) America achieved Zero result in Afghanistan if not negative – Russia President, Vladimir Putin

Meanwhile, Taliban announced days ago that China was going be the government’s biggest investor.

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