Taliban ban girls from getting high-school education in Afghanistan

Taliban ban girls from getting high school education in Afghanistan.

Taliban says the girl child can’t have acces to education from secondary school in Afghanistan. The militant group has ordered that high schools be re-open for only the male child. Taliban says this directive will take effect from tomorrow September 18, 2021.

The new education ministry announced on Friday that classes for boys in grades 7 to 12 would resume. Only male teachers will be allowed to teach students (male students). In other words, the girl child will stay home from next week and the female teacher has just lost her job as a teacher – The guardian reports.

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“All male teachers and students should attend their educational institutions” a statement announced by Taliban revealed.

Women have already lost their jobs after Taliban invasion. Just today, the new interim government turned Women’s Affairs Ministry into Vice and Virtue Ministry which is already an attempt to wipe out 20years of Afghanistan government international community investment in girl child education and empowerment.

“we have allowed female students to attend their studies up to 6 and 7 grade classes in schools wearing Islamic clothing and clothing acceptable by sharia law. Talking about the education system, I can say that the system was set up to brainwash the students. Neither us nor our nation can accept educational system set up by foreigners” Taliban Spokesperson said in a statement cited by Bloomberg QuickTake. Read about sharia law here What is shariah law and it’s practice in Afghanistan? Here’s a brief definition & it’s effect on Afghan women

A video posted on twitter by Bloomberg QuickTake

Read more on Taliban government banning the girl child from having education on The Guardian https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/17/taliban-ban-girls-from-secondary-education-in-afghanistan?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other&__twitter_impression=true

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