Taliban bans use of foreign currency in Afghanistan


Taliban ban use of foreign currency in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s newly ruled government, Taliban has banned use of all forms of foreign currencies in the country according to the groups spokesman. Several reports say Afghanistan is in the brink of collapse and if stringent measures are not taken, there may be a humanitarian crisis according to the United Nations (Video) Afghanistan faces a looming humanitarian catastrophe – UN Secretary General to hold a ‘high level’ conference

Taliban announced a complete ban on all foreign currencies, including the world’s strongest currency, The United States dollar which is said to be widely used in Afghanistan. International bodies said the move could worsen the living conditions of Afghans and further lead to

“disruption to an economy pushed to the brink of collapse by the abrupt withdrawal of international support” Reuters

Afghanistan is already facing sanctions from international bodies after Taliban invaded Kabul August this year. The aftermath of Taliban takeover has been faced with several suicide bombings and attacks. People have been killed in weddings, mosques and other celebrated gatherings in Afghanistan.

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“The economic situation and national interest in the country require that all Afghans use Afghan currency in their trade” the spokesman said.

The exit of United States forces and other international donors caused grave danger to the country because Afghanistan economy have for years been dependent on foreign donors. Super powerful Nations including France, America, Germany etc have all refused to recognize the Taliban led government as a legitimate one because of Taliban’s humanitarian violations Taliban are lying, France won’t recognize Taliban gov’t in Afghanistan – French Foreign Minister

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