Taliban hold Americans, other evacuees hostage after refusing 6 planes to leave Afghanistan

Taliban hold Americans, other evacuees hostage after refusing 6 planes to leave Afghanistan. Taliban gave August 31 for all evacuation exercises to end. Taliban promised it was going to allow people to leave Afghanistan even if the time elapses. Well that promise might just be a meer talk as American citizens and other evacuees in Afghanistan are held hostage

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Multiple media hubs in America, UK and other parts are the world are reporting Taliban is refusing six planes to leave Afghanistan because they want to “hold Americans hostage in order to get more from Joe Biden’s administration” a senior congressional source told CBS.

The planes were chattered to take evacuees and other government officials out of Afghanistan according to The Associated Press.

“At least four planes chattered to evacuate hundreds of people seeking to escape the Taliban have been unable to leave Afghanistan. There are conflicting accounts as to why flights were unable to take off” The Associated Press reports

A satellite image by Maxar show six commercial airplanes at Mazar-i-Sharif Airport in Northern Afghanistan.

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