Taliban is violent & intimidating journalists, forcing media people to push their ‘propaganda’ – reports

Taliban is violent and intimidating journalists, forcing media people to push their ‘propaganda’ – reports.

According to Aljazeera, reports show Taliban is “being violent and intimidating journalists, they just want media to parrot their propaganda to the world” Aljazeera revealed.

There have been several reports of Taliban manhandling Afghans on protest grounds and journalists. Read also (Video) Afghan women being kidnapped whipped & shot at by Taliban for protesting

Do not interfere with how Afghan women dress, you should not be changing our culture, as we don’t change yours – Taliban warn America

Two journalists, reporting for Etilaatroz newspaper were detained by the militant group on protest ground. Nematullah Naqdi and Taqi Daryabi were held “while covering women’s protest in west of Kabul on Wednesday” according to Aljazeera.

Amidst all these chaos and agonizing Afghans are currently going through, Taliban is set to officially coronate its interim government officials tomorrow September 9/11, same day America remembers people who lost their lives two decades ago when Osama Bin Laden attacked America. Speaking on the matter, spokesman for Taliban said there is still no evidence Osama Bin Laden masterminded the attack. Read more (Video) There is no evidence Osama Bin Laden was behind America 9/11 attack – says Taliban Spokesperson

Last week, A police woman was killed by the Taliban in the presence of her husband and children. Taliban again came out to debunk that accusation. Read how Banu Negar was shot (Video) Taliban forces execute 8 month pregnant police officer, Banu Negar in front of her husband & children – reports

Aljazeera also reported how three men were brutality beaten by the militant group. ” three men were taken into a small holding cell with15 people in it, two whom were reporters with Reuters and Turkey’s Anadolu Agency. They were beaten so bad, they couldn’t walk, they were hit with guns, they were kicked, they were whipped with cables, they were slapped ” Shaygan told aljazeera

Read full story on aljazeera here https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2021/9/9/talibans-violence-against-women-reporters-intensifies?__twitter_impression=true


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