Taliban stops Afghan girls from going to school again

Taliban denies the Afghan girl the right to education


TALIBAN stops Afghan girls from going to school just hours after schools reopened for the first time in nearly seven months

Taliban earlier promised that the girl child will go back to school at the appropriate time after it stopped them last year. Only boys were allowed to go to school. Several activists and world leaders warned Taliban could bring back sharia law. Read more: Taliban ban girls from getting high-school education in Afghanistan

Afghan girls have now been denied the right to education for 187 days since Taliban toppled Ashraf Ghani’s government.

A statement from Afghanistan Ministry of Education issued on Wednesday, February 23, says schools for Afghan girls have been closed until further notice. And that plans are being implemented in accordance to Islamic law: Read something brief about sharia law What is shariah law and it’s practice in Afghanistan? Here’s a brief definition & it’s effect on Afghan women

“We inform all girls high schools and those schools that are having female students above class six that they are off until the next order” a statement from Afghanistan Ministry of Education said, disclosed by Bakhtar News Agency.

Many activists including Malala have condemned the actions of Taliban government.

“I had one hope for today: that Afghan girls walking to school would not be sent back home. But Taliban did not keep their promise. They will keep finding excuses to stop the girls from learning because they are afraid of educated girls empowered women” Malala said.

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Human Rights Watch also condemned the decision by Taliban government to keep the Afghan girls from having education.

In a video, one Afghan girl is seen crying profusely, saying “she just want a day in school”

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