Taliban stops women from working in Afghanistan, ordered families to give in their daughters to be married to fighters

Taliban forces have now taken full control over Afghanistan. They actually surprised U.S and the world at large after they captured Afghan Presidential Palace in Capital Kabul. They have been able to retake power control after two decades of power struggle after America’s 9/11 incident.

Here’s the build up to the story (Video) Taliban fighters topple Afghanistan troops, take over Kabul. ‘Islamic law will take over the world’ Commander

Reports reaching News247gh.com has it that they have already held back women from working in Afghanistan and have also declared that Afghan families give in their daughters for Taliban fighters to marry. Similar developments occurred 20year ago when they ruled Afghanistan. They subdued their women from all kinds of public life, and only allowed them outside when they’re escorted by men. They have to dress, covering up all their bodies, not leaving their faces.

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Young girls were also denied access to education as they were enveloped in burqas. Reports say Taliban forces believe a ‘woman’s importance in the kitchen and making babies’

Click link below to full article https://amp.economist.com/asia/2021/08/16/how-will-the-taliban-rule-afghanistan-this-time?__twitter_impression=true

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Will sharia law for women in Afghanistan be fully implemented again? This is the big question the world is asking. Take a look at what the law says

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